Saint Louis, Missouri

It’s officially summer time! And with that comes the desire to travel to either somewhere out of the norm for your week or simply travel to the nearest available poolside with some lemonade in hand!

This summer for me looks a lot like- no travels. Ugh I know! A piece of me is super sad about it but that fact doesn’t keep my mind from generating memories from some of my amazing trips from the last couple of summers.

So why not share them with you all? This blog post will be about my trip to Saint Louis from last June with Jacob. And I may post about trips to North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and New Orleans in the near future! Would you want to see those? Let me know in the comments below!

The first day of our trip was June 2nd, 2017. At this point in our relationship, Jacob and I hadn’t made any trips like this where we would be focusing on each other, where we were together and seeing what that could be like. For me it was also a secret “test” weekend. I know I couldn’t get super serious with anyone who didn’t like to travel. And well long story short, that all sorted itself out.

The first stop on the trip was to a greenhouse that I had been daydreaming about for years- The Jewel Box. It’s nestled back by the Saint Louis Zoo in the Forest Park area. The space was stunning, yet simple and definitely gave me the heartbeats I was anticipating.

We wandered about the space for awhile, taking pictures and people watching. There were staff members setting up chairs for that weekends wedding and there were also high school graduates taking pictures outside on the lawn. I love thinking about both now because of those sort of transitions in life and how they are such exciting moments, filled with unforgettable memories.

From the Jewel Box we wandered around Forest Park. We found all of the magnolia trees and (I) freaked out by their stunning blooms. Last year when I saw the magnolia blossoms they gave me warm, fuzzy feelings because of the darling show Fixer Upper.

Ever since the start of Jacob and I’s relationship he has always had a pure interest in wanting to know me for me. So he had this idea that we would watch Fixer Upper together to see how I’d like to have my future home look like and to see our common interests. Before then I had never really watched the show or even seen a magnolia tree in person. The two things, to this day, solely remind me of Jacob.

But because it was so so hot out, we walked over a little further to a restaurant to get some shade and refreshments. This spot was named Boathouse Forest Park! Why? Because you could order both food and a paddle boat and take them out on the lake for lunch or dinner. So cool, right?

Buttttttt we didn’t do that, ha! Because it was getting later in the day and we wanted to freshin up for a Blues Fest that we had been planning on going to later that night.

After a uber ride, fresh set of clothes, a cup of froyo- we were heading to the National Blues Museum of Saint Louis, Missouri. And I can still say that that place was hot! Temperature wise! Because of the fact that the place was packed full of people living, loving and dancing away. The energy in there was great and it was fun to experience it all with Jacob as he tapped along with the jazzy beats.

On the way back to our hotel we walked right into a food truck and music festival. Jacob grabbed some tacos and I got a giant pretzel to eat as we saw allll of the dogs and owners enjoying the close of a summer evening.

The second day of the trip dawned! And with that came a giant plate filled with delicious breakfast and planning our days adventures. On the menu was: carriage ride in the city, Budweiser Brewery tour, Saint Louis Zoo, and spontaneous add-ons.

Carriage rides in cities give me cringe worthy touristy vibes. But even though its not something I would norally do, it was a nice and relaxing way to start a new day! And with all of the walking ahead of us for the day it turned out to be perfect!

Something that Jacob really wanted to do on our trip was to go on the Budweiser Brewery Tour. And that’s exactly what we did. We toured the brewery facility, petted the Clydesdales, took pictures, learned history and in the end even though I don’t drink beer- I found a beer (cider) that I actually liked!

After the brewery we headed on over to Saint Louis’ amazing and free zoo! It honestly was a really good zoo and the day that we went wasn’t too hot or crowded for it being free and also summer time. I think my favorite was watching all of the different types of bears doing their thing.

Lunch, either this day or others, had a lot to do with bbq. I’m blaming the more southern state vibes that we were getting for our cravings. But with it being a year ago, I don’t remember any foods sticking out to me besides that late night pretzel or my breakfast on this morning. I mean cause- carbs and brunch!!


After eating we walked more. This was a huge highlight of the trip for me because it was in these moments we talked so much and about so many different things. I think that’s why my person has to be a lover of travel. Because its not just about where you are, it’s what changes/deepens/grows within you as you experience. And if I can’t grow with someone while traveling with them then the experience feels almost wasted.


Out of everything we did in Saint Louis, the City Museum was our absolute favorite fun part of the trip. You can climb anywhere, make up your own rules and just get a little wild. Between so many flights of stairs leading higher and higher, the roof was the bees knees! On top was a giant ferris wheel, slide, pond, and more tunnels and climbing places!

This is how we spent our last night there. On top of the world, with sweet treats and kisses and feeling the truth that I did love this man.

On the third and final day we went to church! Or really toured a cathedral once mass was over.

Then we went and got our morning coffee fill at Blue Print Coffee. I remember, and I still do this, the waiting for that first cup because you know you are about to go get coffee at a place where they know their stuff! It can be rough but so worth it my friends!

With some quiet time and a cup of coffee to reflect, we headed to our final stop in STL. It was in the historic district and boy was it pretty. It gave me Charleston vibes and reminded me of the summer before this one. A summer where my heart and head were in a completely different place.

It’s crazy how time can change things. How one year and one weekend can open up places within you that you weren’t aware of, were fighting back or just needed to see what was coming next. If you are any of these three just keep holding on and don’t rush a moment. I can say from experience that you need Gods timing for the things you need. He will come through in the most thoughtful, tender and freeing ways.

As always,


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