Our Berlin Airbnb

Surprisingly to us we spent a lot of time in our Airbnb flat. It was in the Neukoln neighborhood of Berlin. Our flat was on the fifth floor of the building with yellow walls and a terra cotta shingled roof. With windows that opened up wide to the sky we had a constant breeze and sunrays in our little honey rooms.

My favorite room was our bedroom. The bed was against a wall that had a large window. At night we would leave it open so that you could hear people gathering in the courtyard below, music being played in the distance and the occasional police siren. It felt like we were in our own little world above a very vibrant city. It honestly was the most perfect feeling for a honeymoon to be just the two of you in a sea of life.

Second favorite area of the house was in the bathroom because of the deep soaker tub. I’m more than positive that every night ended in the routine of soaking away the 13+ miles that we walked, and I’m not even kidding on the mileage, and rehydrating.

^ What I read while on our trip: “The Million Dollar Blog” By Natasha Courtenay-Smith

The concept of home is something interesting when you aren’t in your actual home. You feel the daily routines fade away, you start finding new things you love about your surrounding and the things that define you become simplified. I think this is why I love to travel and do end up traveling as much as I do. I crave things to alter my routines, to throw off what I think I know, to redefine what I think is beauty and to see what really matters to me.


For all of these reasons I’m glad we traveled so far for our Honeymoon. It stripped us away from distractions like the mundane, our normal surroundings and culture, constant internet access, friends and family- and gave us more “us.” The sites, the sounds, and the tastes will always be good but its these moments focused on each other and the sweetness that grew from that focus that will mark our trip as a success. And it will be these moments that make me sure that the saying is true,

“home is wherever I am with you.”



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