Jacksonville, Florida

On the morning of October 6th, I woke up at sunrise in Jacksonville Florida, wrapped up in a cozy sweater and made my way down to the ocean.

Squishing my toes in the sand I found my spot on the coast. Within twenty minutes the sky was on fire with a beautiful message of a new day and another moment along the way for Kurt and Chelsea. It was wonderful to see this promise fulfilling itself throughout the day.




But with every wedding comes a full days worth of pulling together to make the dream a reality! So I headed back up the beach to get ready for the day!







Every detail seemed to come together flawlessly and so naturally. Some of this natural grace came from different members of the bridal party actually pulling in the greenery from around the houses we were staying in. I’m not sure why but it warmed my heart to see them trudging through bushes to find those beautiful leaves.

Chelsea was stunning in every way. Her grace was shown in the way she walked while her joy was painted across every fiber of her being. But this didn’t overshadow Kurt. Kurt’s gentleness went perfectly with his structured suit. His strength wasn’t diminished by the tears he experienced but somehow made him that much stronger.

To follow was a reception perfect for them from a signature drink at the bar, thoughtful moments with special people and dancing that I would later feel in every muscle. Their wedding day on the beach with both the sun and the stars was everything and more.


Thank you both for allowing Jacob and I be such big parts of your day and first steps as Mr and Mrs! We cannot wait for all of the years to come.

Also for transparency sake, I was not the official photographer for this wedding but definitely took some behind the scenes pictures.



Next week on the blog I will be sharing our wedding pictures!! Yep that’s right its finally Harrison time!

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