Merry Married Christmas

Fun fact: I pronounce ornament like it has a “d” in it, sounds like “ordnament” 😂


In two days time it will be Jacob and I’s very first Merry Married Christmas together. It’s been such a beautiful thing to prepare for as newly weds and also something we have both dreamed about doing with our spouses.

IMG_6182 large

To start off the Christmas season we started early, say Halloween early. It was the night of Halloween that we decided to go out on the town to get our very first Christmas decorations. We got a tree skirt, one box of ornaments, two oven mitts, a single string of garland and a evergreen scented candle- my favorite. Basically not enough for us! So with about another handful of shopping trips to various locations, we had all we needed.

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I was mentally preparing myself to wait to decorate till after Thanksgiving but because I married the best man, Jacob suggested that we decorate the week after Halloween… yep three weeks before Thanksgiving. We turned up the record player with Christmas music, filled the diffuser with cinnamon and frankincense essential oils, and went to Holiday Cheer town.

And speaking of town, we continued the Harrison tradition of setting up the mini Christmas town square. Between being gifted the original house’s from Jacob’s parents to buying a couple of new ones, the square was set and ready for the season.

We didn’t get our tree until December 2nd. I was holding out for a real tree but we ended up going with a beautiful grey, green artificial fir tree. It fit perfectly in our high ceiling house in front of the wall of windows in our dining room. The ornaments and garland that we got before got popped into place and made us proud owners of our first tree.

I think the “icing on the cake” day was just a few days later on Wednesday, December 5th. We planned to have an all out Christmas theme day date. We would bake Christmas cookies while drinking hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows, watch our favorite Christmas movies with fuzzy socks, take some cutesy Christmas pictures and snuggle by the Netflix fire.

Our plan was to start as soon as I got home from classes. However, I wasn’t expecting Jacob to text me with instructions to sit in my car for 3-5 minutes before coming into our home. So I waited in pure curiosity and then came inside. Tyson was just sitting there waiting for me until I saw Jacob poke his head out and into the living room where I was. And the surprise?? He was wearing furry, footed pajamas that looked like a Christmas moose. But he didn’t forget me! He got me fleece, footed pajamas that were covered in cats having a Christmas party and it also had a butt flap.

IMG_6215 large

For the rest of the holiday season we will enjoy a lot of time to ourselves because of already having Christmas with my family and a planned, belated Christmas with his family. And honestly I am in love with the idea. I just can’t wait for the peace that I know will filled the morning and day of our first Merry Married Christmas.

I am just over the moon with living life with Jacob and having the gift of him as my husband. He pushes me in ways that I need even when I don’t want them, he reminds me of my growth and worth, he fights for us when we forget that we are a team, he dreams with me about our future, he dances weird with me all over the house, he holds me on the hard days, he seems to always see the best in me whenever I can’t seem to, and he is always just there and I know he always will be.

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So dear friends, Merry Merry Christmas from The Harrisons!!

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