Destination: Graduation

“Work in silence and let success be the noise,”

Welcome to my mantra ^ these past busy 16 weeks. Of course if you follow me on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook you see posts of pictures and victories from time to time. But in these past 16 weeks I really have had so much growth that I knew would be the way to come back to my blog.

In the past four months I have finished my undergraduate degree in Psychology as well as completed a professional internship with a local hospital in their Human Resources Department. I started school for me and at a time when my life wasn’t going in the direction that I thought it would.
I was 23 when I started college. For most people this is abnormal because they go right into college from high school at the age of 18. But for me I’ve never liked to do things by the book and frankly, I don’t think everyone should. These norms should just stand as guidelines that can start at many points in life. So for me I felt true freedom in the waiting. Plus I had bigger and better things to do with my time… like finding out who the heck I was and what I wanted.
In my late teens and early twenties, I found different part time jobs here and there in my town to save up enough money for trips. I would go on my trips whether near or far, collect memories, find new ways of living, found more of what fueled my passions and then come back home to do it all over again. I even formed this life vision for myself. I had plans of getting a house above a Chinese take out restaurant with a room dedicated to the drip style of painting that comes all so natural to me, owning a boston terrier with a spunky name like Fern or River, getting to and from places on the back of a blacked out motorcycle and having a rich sense of contentment and gratitude for my little life.
I saw all of this taking place in a city that has captivated my heart – Chicago. Something about the air, concrete streets, grassy gems, coffee pours, towering building filled with people working hard for their goals and dreams, just made my pulse quicken. And it’s kinda ironic as I share my heart with you about Chicago and share my graduation story, because the two are still so connected. A week and a half ago, Jacob and I visited Chicago for his birthday celebration. And all I can say is that my love is still alive after that trip.
…and I had to take a break from writing because of all of the feelings. Feelings of completion of a lofty goal, feelings of a dream going unfulfilled, feelings of pride that I did this for me, feelings of joy for the little family that I’ve found and feelings of what’s next in the life of Kriss. If I know anything and if this blog was named as well as I feel like it is, life IS about the criss-crossing moments, the growing and the changing. Life is about the unexpected and the unresolved. And life is about realizing just how beautiful your life keeps getting.

It is my hope to continue on my blogging journey for here on out! So, please subscribe and be ready for next weeks post about where my heart is and what will I accomplish next!


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