Plant Lady

While I was away from blogging and the creative outlet of it all, I found a new passion- plants!

I have always loved plants and being surrounded by nature, I had just never had the space to finally start my indoor garden. This past January all of that changed. I was shopping at my local Aldi and out of the corner of my eye I saw a cluster of plants near the exit.

Walking over to them I recognized a plant that’s been labeled one of the best plants for beginner plant owners. It is also a plant that I highly recommend and it is the Sansevieria, also called a snake plant or mother in law tongue. So I gently placed that baby in my cart (because it’s what all new mothers do) and proudly walked out of that store as a plant lady!




Funny part is that my first plant and one of my most recent ones are both snake plants, even though they look slightly different. I love the one in the lower third picture because the wide, yellow and stripy leaves. The only con that I can think about this plant is those same spiky leaves. Some do not like the aesthetic of the spikes and prefer softer looking plants.

The solution to this spike aversion is the zz plant! Also listed as one of the best plants for new plant owners because of its easy (zz) care procedures of sunlight and water needs. Plus it has gorgeous, waxy leaves. Shown below is my plant whose growing nice an tall!

Next on my heart happy list of plants is one type that’s been a difficult one for me but one that I’ve strived to own. In March I tried propagating a rubber plant but little did I know that I picked a semi difficult plant to propagate.

First I tried growing it in water and then moist soil. But it didn’t take. So sad but the victory comes in the form of finding a stunning rubber plant while on a day trip with my husband in Indianapolis.

I introduce my Variegated Ficus Elastica, or as I call her “Cameo.”

Cameo was exciting for me because she was my first plant that wasn’t fully green. She has some white and pink shades to her that made me want to bring her home- that and also redeem my failed propagation attempt.

But after the past couple of days I have found a second plant whom I’ve been searching for that just so happens to rock green and burgundy and a funky cool pattern. This plant is called the prayer plant. It follows the sun throughout the day and if you pay super close attention you can see the movement over time.

To mention my plant list from above, I am constantly doing research on plants nowadays. I have a list of different one’s that I’d like to add to my little family. But sometimes when you’re traveling you just stumble upon some amazing plants.

Something I do now while traveling is buy a plant souvenir. I like to take away items that give me joy from an experience that gave me so much joy! So picking something that is alive and will continue to grow almost feels like that expeience while traveling keeps on living with me. Below are some of those travel keepsakes: bamboo from Valentine’s day, cactus from Nashville Tennessee, aluminum plant from Franklin Indiana.

Another type plant that I’d like to mention for the “easy plant” list is pothos! These are those gorgeous plants that can be in pots or hanging planters that just vine over all of the place. I have two kinds that have been doing so well lately, one of them being one I propagated for a month!

I personally feel like I could talk about plants all day but for blogging sake it would probably be best to wrap this up! And to do that, I saved my favorite plant for last.

This plant is the oh so famous and popular fiddle leaf fig! I love this plant because it was the first plant on my list, one I waited five months to find and a plant that I hope to have for many years to come.

Because they are in the tree family, they can grow to ceiling heights. And depending on your ceiling, that’s pretty high! They are also pretty easy to care for. They like lots of moisture and sunlight!

So whether you’re a plant owner, aspiring “plant mom” or here for the good vibes, thanks for coming along with me on my plant tour! It’s crazy to say that I have 15 plants whom are all happy and healthy, or that I have to avoid certain stores because they have plants. But truthfully I’ve never been more happy with an impact like this on my home before. So you better believe my garden will keep growing!

Now, let’s go get lost in a greenhouse.

Next time on the blog come back for the first part of my two part Colorado Adventure blogs! Lots of pictures to share and ideas for places to visit!


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