About the Author

My love of travel began before I was born. As a young girl growing up I would hear stories from my father about the decade of his twenties on the back of a motorcycle driving across the U.S. Hence, I started dreaming of my future adventures as early as I can remember.

From that pivotal moment to later being a young adult, I pursued every travel opportunity available to me. From adventures locally to internationally, I wanted it all.

My heart for blogging my travels came at a crossroads in life where I took inventory of the things that I found passion in and wanted to do more of. These things were a deep love of travel, writing, photography and people. And what better medium to highlight all four loves than on this platform!

So thank you for clicking in, giving me some love back and joining me as I explore, discover and challenge you to do more of the things that captivate your soul.

I believe it is the crisscrossing of paths in our lives, the changes and the challenges we face that create the impacts of how we view and value the life around us
-Kristen Harrison from KrissCrossing Life